Saturday, November 20, 2010

She's Looking Out for Him!

This evening we had dinner with both sets of Grandparents! Grandma Judy made a salad for Brent that has nuts in it. Not peanuts, but some sort of nut (a tree nut, I believe). As I was passing the salad to Brent, having to pass over Audrey, Grandma Judy said, "The salad has nuts." Audrey piped up right away and said, "Momma, don't give that salad to Heath. It has nuts in it!"

I was a very proud mommy in that moment! Hard to believe that she has already got so much of this figured out. She is going to be a great advocate for her little brother...she already is.


  1. Mara...I agree, that was so sweet. She was very concerned that we might slip him a bit of salad with a nut! We were all very proud of her at that special moment when she let us know she was going to watch out for her little brother.