Tuesday, November 16, 2010

snack time

Having taught preschool for several years, I have had a few students come to my class with a peanut allergy. What a difference it is to be the parent instead of the teacher. This morning, Heath and I had an ECFE/PAIIR class to attend. It was our first time back since Heath had the reaction to peanuts. In this class, parents bring snacks on assigned day. This morning the snack mom walks in with a row of crackers. In other words, no box. How am I supposed to check the label if the box isn't there?

They were saltines. Heath has had them before and never had a reaction. He ate them and was just fine. Snack time has changed for us...Hopefully I won't always be so worried when Heath sits down to eat food that I haven't prepared myself. But we're only a week into this...so I'll cut myself some slack :)

There is a birthday in the class in a few weeks. I'm already thinking about how to handle that. Cupcakes from a bakery will probably be brought in. Should I bring in a cupcake for Heath that I made? Should I risk it? Do I even need to worry? The appointment with the allergist can't come soon enough!

{The picture is Heath, outside, after class.}


  1. Hopefully you will have more concrete answers soon... I am right there with the food worries. Claranna is still no dairy, no soy and no gluten, so all I do is read labels and make her special foods. It has definitely changed how I cook for the family and how I view food outside our home, but we've adapted and you will too! Good luck on this new journey.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Claranna is still having issues! I can't imagine...dairy, soy, gluten..I see that on so many labels {now that I'm paying more attention!} Let me know if you're taking her to a pediatric allergist, would love to know if it's the same doctor (female) and what you think of her. I'm looking forward to getting some answers...since Heath has had some slower growth patterns, part of me wonders if he has more than just a peanut allergy.