Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where we are...and how we got here

On Saturday (November 6th, 2010), Brent took the kids to the mall while I was at a class. The kids played in the "toy area" and were on their best behaviour. After playing, Brent took them to Starbucks for a special treat. Audrey picked out a cookie...a reeces peanut butter cup cookie.

Heath ate about 1/4 of the cookie. Within 5 minutes it was clear that he was having trouble breathing. Brent called 911. Paramedics came and they all {Brent, Heath and Audrey} hopped in the ambulance for a ride to the Emergency Department (ED). At the ED, Heath received a shot of epinephrine and an IV with steroids. I got to the ED as quickly as I could {thank you to Jen for the ride!!} When I arrived, Heath was very puffy though not as puffy as he had been.

My parents live very close to St. Mary's, which has proven to be very helpful in more than one occasion! They were able to take Audrey to lunch and play with her so she didn't have to hang out watching her brother be poked and prodded. She was a trooper and we are so proud of how she handled herself!

Once Heath finished up his meds, we were sent home with an epipen, benadryl and prednisone. He has been in to see his regular provider. She gave us strict instructions: no new foods, nothing with peanuts {duh!} and limit restaurant visits. We've got an appointment with an allergist but that isn't for a month. Apparently there is only one pediatric allergist at the clinic. How does that work? Hopefully that rumor is false! Until then, we try to live a normal life...and teach everyone how to use an epipen!

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  1. Day by day Mara you and Brent will figure it out!
    good luck.