Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yesterday Heath, Audrey, Grandma Judy and I went to the Festival of Trees. I knew we would be having lunch afterwards so I looked on-line for ZPizza {where we would be eating} to see if it would be safe for Heath to eat. After searching the site for awhile, I couldn't find anything that looked like the language the labels on food say, ("this food contains peanuts") so I sent an e-mail. This is the response I got:

Thank you for taking the time to check with us.  Our cheese and pepperoni pizzas do not contain any nuts or nut products.  We do have peanuts in the store, it is contained in our basil pesto sauce and we use pine nuts to top a few different pizzas.  We take every precaution to avoid any and all possible cross contamination.  That being said, because we do have peanuts in the store there are no 100% guarantees that I can offer.  I will say however, that we do everything in our power to keep our customers, and their food safe.  We have consistently scored perfect on our Olmsted County Health inspections, and take food safety very seriously.  There is no list available that I am aware of, but if you would like I will check with the corporate office.  We do use natural, fresh ingredients, and never MSG's or unnecessary preservatives.

We did end up eating at ZPizza. Heath did just fine...mainly because he was too tired to actually eat anything! We have yet to meet with the pediatric allergist so I really don't know how cautious we need to be but I felt comfortable taking Heath to ZPizza. Had the slice of the day had the basil pesto sauce, we'd have gone elsewhere. I'm happy to have received a response since that was my first time contacting a restaurant (aside from the time I called ahead to Outback!) We'll continue to eat at ZPizza unless the doctor tells us to stay away.

PS This was not Heath's first meal at ZPizza.

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